Mastercraft Shutters : Build A Wood Awning : Aluminum Frame Canopy.

Mastercraft Shutters

mastercraft shutters

  • MasterCraft, which is headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee, is a United States manufacturer of recreational boats, founded in 1968. MasterCraft boats are popular for use in water skiing and wakeboarding.

  • Mastercraft is the Canadian Tire exclusive hardware line of products. It is broken down into two lines, Mastercraft; which is the household series; and Mastercraft Maximum (formerly the Mastercraft Professional Series) which is the new professional series.

  • Close the shutters of (a window or building)

  • Close (a business)

  • (shutter) a hinged blind for a window

  • (shutter) close with shutters; "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool"

  • (shutter) a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure

mastercraft shutters - Alltrade 940759

Alltrade 940759 Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adaptor for 1/2-Inch Driver

Alltrade 940759 Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adaptor for 1/2-Inch Driver

The Alltrade Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adaptor for 1/2-Inch Driver takes the guess work out of applying proper torque to a nut or bolt, without the need for an expensive torque wrench. This versatile tool lets you instantly, safely convert a half-inch drive ratchet into a digital torque wrench. The torque adapter also lets you accurately calibrate any analog or digital torque wrench--right in your own garage.
Powerbuilt header
Digital Torque Adapter
for 1/2-Inch Driver
At a Glance:
Converts any ratchet into a torque wrench

Calibrates your digital and analog torque wrenches

Records both peak and trace torque

Five torque measurement settings

Memory slots record last 50 torque value readings


Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter with Driver

Instantly converts a 1/2-inch drive ratchet to a digital torque wrench. View larger.
Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter in a hard-shell case

A convenient hard-shell storage case is included. View larger.
Turn a Standard Ratchet into a Torque Wrench
5 torque measurement settings

Five torque settings
To turn a standard ratchet into a torque wrench, simply power up the Digital Torque Adapter and select your desired unit of measurement--foot pounds, inch pounds, Newton meters, kilogram centimeters, or kilogram meters. Next, enter your desired torque. The number will flash for 10 seconds before displaying zero, signaling you're ready to go. Select and insert a ratchet into the square drive opening on the top of the unit. Then select and attach your desired socket into the square drive fitting on the bottom of the adapter. That's it. Your ratchet is ready for use as a torque wrench.
Calibrate Any Torque Wrench
With the Digital Torque Adapter, you can calibrate your digital or analog torque wrench to increase your tool's precision, accuracy, and safety. To calibrate your wrench, place the Powerbuilt calibration cube in a bench vice and tighten securely. Set your torque wrench for a setting for calibration (for best results, set it about halfway through the range of the wrench). Then insert the assembled wrench and adapter into the calibration cube. Apply slow and continuous pressure to the wrench until you reach your target torque setting. Adjust the wrench as needed until your wrench setting matches the digital display on the Digital Torque Adapter. When the numbers match, your wrench is accurately calibrated.
3 LED indicator and audio notification

LED indicator and audial notification
Built-in Safety Features
To prevent over-torque, the Digital Torque Adapter is equipped with built-in safety features. Its LED indicator flashes green, yellow, and red as your desired torque is approached and attained. In addition, an audio alert beeps with progressive frequency and finally turns to a steady tone when your specified torque is reached. With the Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter, you can get the precise torque you want without snapping a nut or bolt in the process.
What's in the Box
Digital torque adapter, calibration cube, hard-shell storage case, and lithium cell CR2032 battery.

Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter

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Barefoot Dive

Barefoot Dive

I was out shooting photos for the Clean Lakes Festival - Barefoot Challenge out on the water at Brittingham Park and was able to get this fantastic shot. I have plenty of great photos of competitors in action and not falling which I will post later on here, but at such a high shutter speed this shot really is dramatic and shows what these athletes are willing to go through to win a competition. I can't imagine hitting the water at 30 plus mph!

Mastercraft Exteriors 50yr

Mastercraft Exteriors 50yr

This beautiful home was repaired by Mastercraft Exteriors! This homeowner chose a 50 Year Shingle with a 110 MPH wind rating.

mastercraft shutters

mastercraft shutters

Mastercraft 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Kit 054-1216-4

The item you are viewing is a Factory Reconditioned Mastercraft 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Kit 054-1216-4Forward/Reverse Switch - equipped with a forward/reverse button to change the operation direction Variable Speed Trigger Switch - equipped with a variable speed ON/OFF trigger switch to start/stop and change the speed of the driver Motor: 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 3.5 A No Load Speed: 0-3200 RPM Impact Speed: 0-4000 BPM Torque: 220 ft/lbs Square Drive: 1/2" INCLUDES Impact Wrench (5) 1/2" Drive Impact Sockets 1/2" to 1/4" Hex Drive Quick Release Adapter (7) 1/4" Hex Drive Nut Drivers (6) Screwdriver Bits Carrying Case Operator's Manual 3-Year Limited Factory Warranty

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Sun Shades For Windows - Used Canopy Tent.

Sun Shades For Windows

sun shades for windows

    sun shades
  • A space sunshade or sunshield can be described as analogous to a parasol that s or otherwise reduces some of a star's rays, preventing them from hitting a planet and thereby reducing its insolation, which results in less heating of the planet.

  • can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these. Also in use is the derivative abbreviation, shades.

  • (window) a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air

  • A computer operating system with a graphical user interface

  • (trademark) an operating system with a graphical user interface

  • (window) a transparent opening in a vehicle that allow vision out of the sides or back; usually is capable of being opened

sun shades for windows - Coolaroo Premier

Coolaroo Premier Window Sun Shade 10 Feet Wide by 6 Feet High, Desert Sand

Coolaroo Premier Window Sun Shade 10 Feet Wide by 6 Feet High, Desert Sand

The Premier Series Sun Shades are woven of a thin elegant fabric that is fashionable for any home’s exterior or interior. The light filtering weave reduces glare without darkening a room’s interior and also protects your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. The Premier shades fabric significantly blocks the suns heat, allows air flow, which allows your home or business to stay cooler, reducing energy costs. This special fabric is resistant to fading, mold and mildew and is easy to keep clean. The smooth action roller clutch mechanism is designed to provide a smooth even roll even when exposed to extreme weather conditions and the stainless steel tie downs are a stylish finish to secure the blind in the down position.

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Roman Shades for the living room

Roman Shades for the living room

These shades will block out the western sun that sets straight through these windows. And we can draw the shades for privacy. I guess they don't look too shabby when they are pulled up, either... do they?!

Here comes the sun!

Here comes the sun!

On explore Aug. 22 at #86, up to #25 and on FRONT PAGE!! Thanks!!!

Thanks Daniela Duncan, admin, Shades of Yellow Friday, for picking this one: :Admins choice of the week for Friday, Aug 21st, 2009:

sun shades for windows

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